Deadly NekNominate Drinking Game On The Rise

A popular drinking game from overseas called NekNominate is making its way to the U.S. and is raising concerns. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

In a video posted online, one woman in a red bathing suit walked into a fast food restaurant, opened a beer, and chugged it down. Then, she challenged her friends to do the same.

Another video showed a knucklehead who actually poured liquor into a toilet, and then two of his buddies lift him upside down so he can drink out of the bowl.

It's the phenomenon now sweeping social media, a new drinking game called NekNominate.

NekNominate is when you video yourself drinking in some over-the-top way, then, nominate your friends to outdo you by posting the challenge on Facebook or YouTube.

The game is already being blamed for five deaths in Europe and Australia, and now it has arrived right here in the U.S.A. 

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd spoke via Skype to 22-year-old Andrew Galazzo from Syracuse, New York, who posted a video of him playing NekNominate by drinking shots with his brother.

Boyd asked, “Do you get the sense some people are taking this too far?”

He said, “I have seen some dangerous feats of drinking, that I don't even know how some of these people survived.”

Don McKluster from South Carolina played the game by chugging a beer and then whipped out a gun and blasted the beer can.

He said, “It's just a good-hearted fun time with your friends, challenging them.”

But many think this crazy new drinking game that's sweeping social media is a really bad idea.  

Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of The Doctors, told INSIDE EDITION, "When you drink a lot, especially hard alcohol, like they are doing in this game, the effects happen 30 minutes to an hour later, where coma can be induced, respiratory depression. To kids doing this, and even young adults, this is a game. But, people are dying and that is where someone like myself has to say, 'This needs to stop.'"

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