Sochi Stray Dogs Getting Attention From Athletes

The stray dogs in Sochi are continuing to get attention from the media. Now, some U.S. Olympic athletes are adopting the little pups. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Was there a wolf in the Olympic Village?

The animal was caught on cell phone video by American luge cutie, Kate Hansen. She opened her door just wide enough to film a very large creature prowling the hallways of the Olympic Village.

Kate tweeted the video to her 20,000 followers with the caption: "Wolf in my hall?!?"

But it turns out, she was just crying wolf. Her spokesman admitted to INSIDE EDITION that it's all a prank cooked up by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, and Kate Hansen was in on it.

The prank looked so realistic, that it's sparking headlines around the world.

"Cry wolf! US Olympian films beast stalking through the corridors of her hotel in Sochi" says the London Daily Mail.

Everyone is running the story.

On the Today show, Willie Geist said, "She thinks it might have been a wolf. I think it might have been a dog. But definitely wolf-sized."

CNN reported, "Kate Hansen, part of the U.S. Olympic luge team, shot this video of what looks like a wolf."

But INSIDE EDITION checked it out, and it's definitely a prank.

Kimmel has done it before. Remember the video of a young woman supposedly making a twerking video when things suddenly go bad? That was all just a Jimmy Kimmel-produced prank too.

As for the wolf, experts say it's probably not a wolf at all, but a Husky.

What made the story so believable is the widely publicized story of stray dogs in Sochi. And Team USA is swinging into action to save them.

Gus Kenworthy, who took home a silver medal in slopestyle skiing, tweeted a photo of one of the stray puppies he's bringing home, napping on his chest.

And snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis says she's adopting an adorable stray pup.

Hockey stars David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk also posed with their new dogs, which they named Sochi Jack and Sochi Junior.

No word on whether the, uh, "wolf" is coming to America.

It actually is possible to adopt the strays from Sochi. Find out more information here. In Russian, go here.