Parents Of Jordan Davis Denounce Juror

The parents of Jordan Davis are speaking to INSIDE EDITION to denounce the juror who said their son's accused killer was a "good guy."

The parents of the teenager killed in a dispute over loud music are denouncing the juror who’s calling the just-convicted defendant a "good guy."

Juror No. 8 Creshuna Miles, who is 21-years-old, was the youngest member of the jury.
She told CNN, “I honestly think he was a good guy."

Now, the parents of Jordon Davis are saying she's got it all wrong.

Jordan’s father, Ron, told INSIDE EDITION, "I think she’s kind of mixed up. You can't think somebody was a good guy when they're on trial for murder."

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INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked, “What did you want the jurors to know?"

Jordan’s mother, Lucia McBath, said, "I wanted the jurors to know that our son had value. Our son was a very loving child."
Jordan Davis was gunned down outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida after he and three friends got into an argument with Michael Dunn over loud rap music coming from their SUV.   

Jordan's parents said they were also shocked that juror No. 8 is saying that race did not play a role in the trial. It bothers them deeply that Dunn cried on the stand when he was asked about his dog, but shed no tears for their son.

Ron said, "Tears come down when you mention the dog, tears come out of the eyes, but when you mention Jordan, no tears."