INSIDE EDITION Gets An Exclusive Look into the "Portal to Hell"

INSIDE EDITION went back to the supposed haunted home in Gary, Indiana that some call “The Portal to Hell.”

INSIDE EDITION got an exclusive first look inside the house know as the “Portal to Hell,” a place where demons supposedly wrought havoc with a helpless family, in horrors straight out of The Exorcist.

Zak Bagans just bought the notorious house in Gary, Indiana for the bargain basement  price of $35,000!

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Bagans, "What compelled you to buy this house?"

"I have a passion for investigating claims of the paranormal," he explained.

Bagans is the host of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. INSIDE EDITION spoke to Bagans on the front porch of the home, the precise spot where a terrorized mom claimed that horseflies mysteriously swarmed in the dead of winter as they did in The Amityville Horror.

Then there was a mysterious figure that appeared in the window when the house was supposed to be empty. Bagans told INSIDE EDITION, "There are reports that there was a residue that would come down the blinds.”

Latoya Ammons is the woman who lived in the house of horrors with her three children before Bagans bought it. Ammons fought back tears as she told INSIDE EDITION how they fled in terror after her daughter was raised right off her bed.

She said the demon spoke in a deep and mysterious voice and told them, “’We have waited five months’—it sounded like something dead."

Speaking of deep mysterious voices, Captain Charles Austin also heard chilling words he will never forget. The 36-year-veteran of the Gary, Indiana Police Department had just finished investigating strange occurrences in the house and was in his patrol car, talking on the phone when he said something bizarre happened.

Austin explained, "All of a sudden, while I was involved in this conversation, the AM/FM radio went to static and turned up very loud and said, ‘You in there!’ The person on the phone said, ‘What the hell was that?’ I said, ‘I don't know!’"

Since then, a priest claims to have sealed the “Portal to Hell,” but the new owner has his doubts. Bagans said, "I have some witnessed some strange things that have occurred in the home.”

So have the police. In the midst of their investigation down in the basement, a mysterious voice spoke a single word which was recorded: “Hey.”

"Demons, demonic entities, very powerful entities that can wreak havoc in your life" concern Bagans about the house that is now his.

McInerney asked Captain Austin, "Do you believe that house is possessed by demons?"

“I do. I feel that it’s something very bad going on in that house,” responded Captain Austin.