TV Reporter Claims She Was Fired For Doing A Handstand

A TV reporter is finding herself on the unemployment line after she claims she was fired for doing a handstand. INSIDE EDITION explains.

A wacky handstand got a TV reporter fired. A reporter for a local station in Providence, Rhode Island, did a handstand while delivering a live report about America’s Got Talent being in town holding auditions for the upcoming season.  

After her handstand aired last month, Julie Tremmel says everyone at the station seemed to love it.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “Is being goofy on the news a part of my regular schtick? IIf the story calls for it, absolutely! When I went back to the station, my colleagues said, 'Hey we had no idea you did gymnastics. How'd you learn how to move like that?'"

Apparently, however, management wasn't amused.

"They did a full blown investigation on the handstand piece as if it was a murder investigation,” she said.  

Tremmel has a flair for doing reports that are little over-the-top. The late night comedians had a field day with her report on what to do when a bear attacks.

Jimmy Fallon joked, "I don't know about you, but I’d be more afraid of encountering that woman in the woods!"

But she's not laughing now.

She said, "I've worked 15 years to get to where I am and, right now, that's on the unemployment line!"