A New Zipper that will Revolutionize Clothing Everywhere

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the men who are changing zipper's as we know them.

It's being hailed as the invention that will change the way we dress: the MagZip, a revolutionary new zipper.

It was invented by two regular guys, Scott Peters, and his buddy from childhood, Dave Lyndaker, toiling away in a garage in suburban Rochester, New York.

The motivation was Peters’ uncle Dave who suffers from muscular dystrophy and has a really hard time zipping up his coat. Peters' explained,  “The zippers themselves are fine, it was starting the zipper that was really the problem. he couldnt start the zipper.”  

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The friends, who both have day jobs as engineers, worked nights and weekends, making one prototype after another. The idea was to use magnets to bring both sides of the zipper together.

"I would spend six hours  between a few nights trying to glue it together and get it to work and then we would try it once and it wouldn't work or fall apart," said Peters.

Finally after six years of trial and error, they had it, the MagZip. A zipper you can close one handed while holding a crying baby.
The guys have licensed their invention exclusively to the sportwear company, Under Armour, who just launched a flashy marketing campaign. The first coats with the MagZip will go an sale later this year. A simple idea that could make these buddies rich and make Uncle Dave's life just a little easier.