Was Sandra Bullock Groped In Sydney?

Was the man who allegedly groped Sandra Bullock at a premiere in Sydney the same man who reportedly groped Sarah Hyland last week? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Was Oscar nominee Sandra Bullock groped by the same guy accused of inappropriately touching Modern Family's Sarah Hyland?

It looks that way after troubling video surfaced of Sandra recoiling from a fan.

"Wait wait wait! Don't touch my breasts!" Bullock told the fan.

The disturbing incident also took place in Sydney, Australia. Bullock was Down Under for last summer's premiere of The Heat, the comedy in which she co-starred with Melissa McCarthy. As Sandra posed with fans on the red carpet, it happened. Her assistant told the fan to cool it.

"Calm down," said the assistant.

Comparing the man Bullock was directing her anger at to the accused creep arrested in the Sarah Hyland case, the Sydney Daily Telegraph says it's the same guy.

Bullock forced herself to keep smiling after the incident.

Sarah Hyland's reaction was very different. Near tears, she angrily called out the fan she accused of groping her and told him, "Hey! Don't touch me there!"  

The man, identified as autograph hound Nedal Lakmas, was arrested and has been charged with indecent assault. A family member told an Australian newspaper that Lakmas has a mental condition, adding, "He has been on a disability pension his whole life and cannot work. He has been crying non-stop since this happened."