Moviefone Disconnects

It's the end of an era as Moviefone hangs up its phone service. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the creator and voice behind the long-running success.

Meet the voice behind the pop culture catchphrase, "Hello, and welcome to Moviefone!"

Mr. Moviefone's real name is Russ Leatherman. For 25 years he has provided listings for movie-goers who dial 777-FILM. 

Leatherman told INSIDE EDITION, "We either wanted you to love the voice and to start your weekend with, 'Oh, that's the happiest guy I've ever talked to,' or think, 'That's the most annoying human being I've ever heard in my life.' "

Check Out What Mr. Moviefone Himself Has To Say.

Mr. Moviefone was once so popular that he was lampooned in a classic Seinfeld episode where Kramer impersonated Mr. Moviefone.

Now, Mr. Moviefone is hanging it up for good. The iconic telephone service has become a victim of technology and is being disconnected. It will be replaced by a smartphone app.  

Leatherman said, "I have some kids. It's impossible for me to get their face out of their smartphones. Everybody's using a smartphone."

But don't feel sorry for Mr. Moviefone. He still does movie reviews. And what we've learned about Mr. Moviefone will surprise you. He sold Moviefone to AOL in 2000. And hold the phone—his net worth is reportedly $50 million!