Lisa Kudrow Loses Court Battle Against Former Manager

Friends star Lisa Kudrow lost her fight against a former manager who said she owes him more than million-and-a-half dollars. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

INSIDE EDITION has obtained exclusive video of Kudrow at the moment she loses a bitter court battle with her former manager.

The jury voted ten to two against the Friends star. She must now pay $1.6 million. Kudrow managed a faint smile as she left court in Santa Monica following the verdict.  

Her lawyer said, “It's not over. It's just one decision.”

Kudrow herself had no comment as she got into a waiting car and drove off. Her former manager, Scott Howard, was jubilant as he celebrated with his legal team.  

He said, “I feel gratified and it was our agreement. I live up to my agreement and I expect others to as well."

Watch Kudrow's Lawyer Discuss The Case

Howard was fired by Kudrow after Friends ended its run in 2004. He claimed she owed him residuals from the $120 million she's made from the legendary show.

When Kudrow testified in court, her former manager's lawyer said she was acting dumb like her character Phoebe, the kooky blonde she played on Friends.

She was asked in court, “In real life you bear no relationship to the character Phoebe, right?”

Kudrow responded, “You mean, like right now? I don't no.”

After the verdict, Kudrow's lawyer blasted the claim that she was acting on the stand, saying, “I think that was something that was put in to deflect jurors from the truth.”

INSIDE EDITION spoke to jury foreman Steven Debode, who was one of the two jurors who voted in favor of Lisa Kudrow.   

He said, “When the case was over I went straight to Lisa Kudrow and apologized for the verdict. I think it is wrong.”