Rain Threatens Oscar Sunday

INSIDE EDITION was outside The Dolby Theater as red carpet preparations are underway for Oscar Sunday as the forecast calls for heavy rain. 

The 20-foot Oscar statues outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood are covered in plastic because record rainfall is headed for Los Angeles over Oscar weekend.

A special clear tent has also been erected to protect the stars wearing designer duds for Hollywood’s biggest night.

INSIDE EDITION was there as the world's most famous red carpet was rolled out a day early to beat the storm, and it too was covered in plastic.

This won't be your typical rainstorm. Forecasters are predicting more rain in the next few days than southern California has seen in an entire year.

Watch The Oscar Preps Get Underway

KCBS-TV weather anchor Kaj Goldberg said, "We are looking at major rainfall. In the foothill regions, we can see six, maybe seven inches of rain, and that could be very dangerous."

So what will stars do to protect their elaborate 'dos, makeup, and gowns?

Style expert Lindsay Albanese told INSIDE EDITION, "Rain and hair do not mix for the most part because it can get frizzy, there is a lot of humidity in the air. So, we may see a lot of slick back styles. Stars who may have had planned to have their hair down, may have it up."

This isn't the first time rain has threatened Oscar festivities, in 2008 rain came pouring down on the stars.