Woman Gives Birth On New York City Street

Polly McCourt went into labor and the baby wasn't waiting to get to the hospital as McCourt gave birth right on a New York City street. INSIDE EDITION reports on the incredible story.

It was a crazy scene on the sidewalks of New York. A crowd huddled around a woman because she had just given birth!

The expecting mom went into labor inside her apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She went downstairs to catch a cab, but there was no time. The baby wouldn't wait even a New York minute.

Propped up by her doorman, 39-year-old Polly McCourt went into labor, surrounded by a bunch of New Yorkers who came to her aid.

Today, Polly has a healthy 7-pound 6-ounce baby girl. She said her doorman tried to hail a cab in the middle of rush hour.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked the doorman, "Was it a miracle, what happened?"

"It was beautiful. The happiest thing I ever seen in my life," said the doorman.

Polly told a reporter, "He was trying desperately to hail a cab and a lady walked out hailed a cab and got into it, and I was like 'No! That's my cab. I want that cab!' "

Polly's husband, Cian was stuck in traffic. He arrived minutes after the baby was born. Strangers gave Polly sweaters to keep warm. Gladys Bocanegra handed over her scarf.  Bocanegra told INSIDE EDITION, "I told her, 'Sit down. Sit down! Sit down!' And she squatted and she sat and the baby came out."

One woman named Isabelle literally gave Polly the coat off her back. Mom was so appreciative, she decided to name the baby after the Good Samaritan. Her baby will be known forever as Isla Isabelle. 

Polly said, "It was meant to be my name. It was meant to be Isla Polly, but it's now Isla Isabelle. But we're very happy with this. We have no way of contacting Isabelle."

It's true. Isabelle disappeared after all that commotion. And now, everyone wants to track her down.

On Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa announced, "The family is hoping to find her. So, Isabelle, if you're watching this and you're telling your family this story and they don't believe you, Isabelle it's your coat and they're looking for you."

Well, mystery solved! 

INSIDE EDITION has found Isabelle. Her full name is Isabelle Williams. She was on her way to her job at a nearby home decor store when she came to the pregnant mom's aid.

"She's a real New Yorker. She was born on the streets of New York," said Polly.