'Frozen' Phenomenon Sweeps America

Everyone is getting caught up in the Frozen phenomenon, and it's not just kids who know every word to the hit song. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's the song that's becoming a worldwide sensation, "Let It Go" from the hit movie, Frozen.

Singer Idina Menzel's rendition has logged a whopping 112 million hits on YouTube. And now, people  everywhere are recording their own versions. And it's not just cute kids.

Watch People In NYC Sing The Song!

Good Morning America staged a huge "Let It Go" sing-a-long today with choirs in New York, Disneyworld and Arkansas. Even animal expert Jack Hanna joined in.

Everyone seems to know the lyrics. INSIDE EDITION caught up with several people of all ages on the streets of New York who happily sang their renditions of the hit song.

At Millikan Middle School for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, music teacher Leo Crudsack explained why the song has become such a sensation.

"They want to be heard. They want to be powerful. They don't want to be just little kids in their environment. They want to change the world, and this song has all of that," said Crudsack.

"Let It Go" is nominated for Best Song at next Sunday's Oscars and it's the favorite to win. So get ready to hear a lot more of "Let It Go."