It's All-Out War Between Joe and Katherine Jackson

Joe Jackson is lashing out at wife Katherine, blaming her for Michael Jackson's death. Katherine is said to be livid. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's all out war in the Jackson family after Joe Jackson blames his wife Katherine for Michael's death.

"I said this would never have happened if you had went and been with him," Joe told Britain's News of the World.

Joe claims he urged Katherine to visit Michael and get him off prescription drugs.

He also tells the newspaper he confronted Katherine as Michael was dead on a gurney: "I said, 'If you had listened to me, Michael would be living now!' "

"I'm outraged by the statement," says Tom Mesereau, who represented Michael at his molestation trial. "Katherine and Michael were very, very close. Michael got tremendous spiritual and emotional strength from his mother."

Katherine is said to be livid, and her lawyer said in a statement:

"The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a special relationship."

He went on to say: "The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget."

In his bombshell interview Joe Jackson also says Katherine has not recovered from Michael's death and says she is a "shell of the woman" she was.