Carol Alt Doesn't Get "Hullabaloo" Over Kate Upton

Carol Alt recently made her feelings known about Kate Upton and fans are reacting. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Kate Upton is the gravity-defying super model at the top of her fame and beauty. So why does TV personality Carol Alt think Kate Upton is no big deal?
Alt said, “What I don’t understand about Kate is what is all the hullabaloo? She's a pretty girl, but all the girls are pretty, all the girls are nice.”

Alt told The Huffington Post Live she thinks Upton’s fame is all marketing, saying, “I think in this moment there is so much social media and that’s why she's had more word of mouth than anyone.”

Upton who recently did a zero gravity photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, is, so far, declining comment, but her fans aren’t' holding back online.

"You kind of sound envious of Kate’s youthful beauty" wrote one.

Another wrote, "Alt is just jealous."

Alt appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated just once, in 1982. That was 32 years ago. So far, Upton has been the cover girl two times and counting.