Seth Rogen Outraged Over Senators' Reaction

Comic actor Seth Rogen took a serious turn, testifying before the Senate on funding for Alzheimer's disease, and took an angry turn afterward. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Seth Rogen is outraged by the U.S. Senators who walked out during his dramatic testimony about Alzheimer's disease.

Rogen told MSNBC, "It seems like these people don't care.  That's the direct message they're giving by leaving."

Only two of 18 senators on the committee stayed to hear the comedian's impassioned plea for increased funding for Alzheimer's research.  

Rogen testified in the Senate: "The situation is so dire that it caused me—a lazy, self-involved, generally self-medicated manchild to start an entire charity organization."

Rogen's mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and his wife, Lauren sat in support behind him at the Capitol Hill hearing.
Rogen was so upset he tweeted this photo immediately after the hearing with this message: "All those empty seats are senators who are not prioritizing Alzheimer's. Unless more noise is made, it won't change."

He then exploded on MSNBC, saying, "Two of them were falling asleep during the first part of the testimony.  Literally, I mean I saw it happening. And then they ask questions that had already been answered in the testimony, because they clearly weren't paying attention."

The Knocked Up star even called out one senator by name, Mark Kirk of Illinois, who tweeted this photo with Rogen along with the message: "Thanks to @sethrogen for speaking out about efforts to #ENDALZ."

But Kirk didn't stick around to hear Rogen's testimony, leading the comedian to tweet: "Senator Kirk pleasure meeting you. Why did you leave before my speech? Just curious."

Rogen: "Two of the people seemed to care and eveyone else...I have no idea what they were doing."