INSIDE EDITION Finds Good Samaritan From Baby Born On Street Scene

Good Samaritan Isabel Williams gave her shirt and coat to a woman giving birth on a street in New York City. INSIDE EDITION tracked down Williams to buy her a new coat.

INSIDE EDITION can now reveal the Good Samaritan who gave up her coat to keep a mom and her newborn baby warm. Her name is Isabel Williams.

Williams said, "It is just the natural thing to do. You see someone who needs help, you help them."

The 20-year-old was on a break from her job as a sales clerk at a home decor store in New York City when she came upon the chaotic scene.  

Thirty-nine-year-old Polly McCourt had gone into labor and delivered her baby girl right on the street. Williams sprang into action. She handed over her flannel shirt and coat to cover mom and baby. Williams was left wearing only a sleeveless shirt in below-freezing weather.

After her good deed, Williams disappeared, leading to a nationwide appeal for her to come forward.

On Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa announced, "The family is hoping to find her. So, Isabel, if you're watching this and you're telling your family this story and they don't believe you, Isabel it's your coat and they're looking for you."

Now, INSIDE EDITION has found her.

Williams said, “At that point, there's a newborn baby not covered in anything except for a scarf and her mom's coat. It was the least I could do, really.”

Isabel also whipped out her cell phone and called 911.

She said, “The adrenaline got pumping, I am really looking into going to nursing school too, so it was kind of a really great emergency experience.”

Williams revealed that the coat she gave up is worth $40 and she bought it at Goodwill.  

Williams said, “I'm so touched by that. I really am. That's one of the highest honors. I'm very thankful, very appreciative.”

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The mother was so grateful that she decided to name her baby's middle name after the Good Samaritan. She will be known forever as Isla Isabel. 

Williams said, "I am so touched by that."

To reward Williams for her good deed, INSIDE EDITION headed to Bloomingdale's in Manhattan to buy her a brand new coat.

Williams picked a Andrew Marc coat. The cost was $290, and INSIDE EDITION was happy to pay the bill.  

She said, "It is very warm. It is very comfortable. Red is my favorite color."

Now, the woman who literally gave the coat off her back to keep a mom and her newborn warm, can stay warm herself.