Robin Thicke Tries To Win Paula Patton Back

At a recent concert, Robin Thicke spoke candidly to the crowd that he is trying to win his wife, Paula Patton, back after their split. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Robin Thicke is on a mission to win back his gorgeous wife, Paula Patton. He made that clear during his first concert since the big breakup.

He told the audience, “For those of you who don't know, my wife and I got separated a few days ago. But, you know, I want everybody here to know that I’m trying to get my girl back."

Thicke surprised the audience in Virginia with candid talk about his split, and, apparently, Patton gave him some advice before the concert.

Thicke told the crowd, "You know, she told me, she said, ‘You know, you should go out there, and you should tell the truth. You should tell them that you're trying to get me back.’ She's a good woman, you know."

But will his very public display of affection work?

Marriage counselor Irena Fernstein told INSIDE EDITION, "I think it is kind of touching. I am just not sure it is enough."

Thicke's marriage fell apart amidst rumors about his behavior, like posing for a photo with a fan where it can be seen that he was grabbing the bottom of a college student. Of course, there was his infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance with Miley Cyrus.

At his concert last night, Thicke wore his wedding ring and made it clear, he wishes he had been more considerate to his wife.

Thicke said in concert, “If you got somebody with you tonight that you love, and you appreciate, then hold on tight to them. You know, take care of them."

Meanwhile, giant bouquets of flowers have been arriving at Patton’s West Hollywood home.