Man Pronounced Dead, Comes Back To Life

Like something out of a movie, one man was pronounced dead and when he was about to be embalmed when he came back to life. INSIDE EDITION has the incredible story.

It's the story almost impossible to believe.

Good Morning America's Josh Elliott reported, "A shocking story from Mississippi. A man who was pronounced dead has come back to life!"

Seventy-eight-year-old Walter Williams of Lexington, Mississippi was zipped up inside a body bag and about to be embalmed when he started kicking.

No one is more shocked and delighted than his loved ones.

His daughter, Martha Lewis said, "The mortician said something wasn't right! His legs started moving!"

The coroner who'd pronounced him dead hours earlier believed his pacemaker must have stopped briefly, and then started up again. He's calling it a miracle, but some are skeptical.

Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends said, "Note to the coroner: Don't do that unless the person is actually supposed to go to the funeral home."

Chris Wragge of CBS News said, "Who's more scared? The man waking up in the body bag? Or the guy about to embalm him when his legs move?"

INSIDE EDITION asked Dr. Richard Besser, Chief Health and Medical Editor for ABC News, how such a thing could happen.

Dr. Besser said, "It can sometimes be difficult to tell if someone is actually dead. If he had a pacemaker that wasn't working, perhaps they didn't hear those heart sounds at that time when they listened to his chest."

Of course, a story like this triggers everyone's worst nightmare—being buried alive—as seen in Hollywood films like The Serpent and The Rainbow and Kill Bill Vol. 2. 

Luckily, this man eluded such a fate, and is going from the cemetery to back home.