Snow Plow Driver Sorry For Blasting Reporter With Wave Of Snow

INSIDE EDITION spoke to snow plow driver Michael Wyatt who is apologizing for hitting a local reporter in a tidal wave of snow.

The snow plow driver who blasted a reporter with a tidal wave of snow is speaking out.

Michael Wyatt says he didn't even see reporter Steve Keeley from WTXF-TV in Philadelphia as he barreled down the highway. Remarkably, the reporter stayed upright and continued his report.

Wyatt said, "I appologize, I didn't see him. He was like, 'Mike, don't worry about it. I was pretty close to the road.' He didn't miss a beat."

See What Else Wyatt Had To Say About the Incident.

Wyatt is one of the good guys. At least he's sorry, but during this long brutal winter online videos show some really obnoxious snow plow drivers as they knock down pedestrians. 

Michael Wyatt says snow plow drivers get a bad rap. They're just doing their jobs. You just got to stay out of the way.