Oscar Memories Continue for Stars And Fans

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on what some stars did after winning Oscar gold, and the memorable moments that have taken on a life of their own.

Where did Cate Blanchett head after winning the Oscar for Best Actress?

The star, known for her poise and elegance, headed straight to a tattoo parlor! And guess who she brought with her—Best Actress nominee Amy Adams.

Blanchett's husband and Amy Adams' fiancé were by their sides. Black tape could be seen covering what may be a new tattoo covering Blanchett's wrist. There also appeared to be a bandage on Adams' forearm. Her fiancé, actor Darren Gallo was also wearing a bandgage on the same place.

The actresses embraced inside the tattoo parlor, apparently comforting each other after getting inked.

We're now learning more about the most famous selfie in history.

The smartphone that host Ellen DeGeneres passed to Bradley Cooper was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. The electronics company paid $20 million to sponsor the Oscars and even trained DeGeneres how to use the phone, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The idea to take the selfie was all DeGeneres'. Samsung says the now famous selfie moment wasn't scripted, but a great surprise for everyone. She captured something that nobody expected. DeGeneres announced later in the Oscar broadcast, "We have crashed and broke Twitter. We have made history."

CNBC person Jon Fortt said, "Anytime you get to break a record with social media, the photo itself is a big deal."

On Monday, the company sent a big thank you to DeGeneres by donating $3 million to her favorite charities.

Only Meryl Streep knew that DeGeneres was headed her way to make mischief.

Rebecca Ford, Film Reporter for The Hollywood Reporter told INSIDE EDITION, "The producers had hoped that Meryl Streep, maybe Julia Roberts would get involved in this selfie. But when it actually happened and so many more people got involved and Bradley Cooper volunteered to take the picture, it became a huge thing that exceeded everyone's expectations."

Lupita Nyong'o's little brother, Peter takes a prominent place in the selfie. He just popped out of nowhere. 

On Ellen DeGeneres' talk show the next day, DeGeneres told Nyong'o, "You could see him more than just about anybody!"

"I know! He upstaged me," said Lupita.

"Look at you in back, trying to get in there," said DeGeneres.

By the way, Peter is a college freshman in Florida.

Meawhile, that Oscar pizza guy's fame continues to grow. Edgar Martirosyan told DeGeneres how stunned he was to find himself on the Oscars, the top-rated entrainment broadcast since the Friends finale in 2004.

On DeGeneres' show, he said, "You said, 'Just follow me' and I'm going and I'm just on the stage! Shocked!"
And DeGeneres had good news for Martirosyan saying, "You left before I gave you a tip. I passed Pharrell's hat around and I ended up getting about $600. Here's more. About $1,000. So you have a thousand dollar tip!"

And get this—Oscar producers wanted DeGeneres to use an actor to deliver the pizzas.

Ford told INSIDE EDITION, "Ellen said, 'No way. We want a real pizza guy. We want to make this authentic so the audience can see the look on his face when he delivers pizza to Julia Roberts."