Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Appears On Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel didn't pull any punches with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on his show, and the infamous mayor may not be too happy about it. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford seeing red over the way Jimmy Kimmel treated him?

The controversial Mayor of Toronto was in Los Angeles to promote his city as "Hollywood North." But Kimmel turned Ford's appearance into a relentless roast.

Ford appeared sweaty, so Kimmel asked, "Do you mind if I dab you, Mr. Mayor?"

Later Kimmel asked, "Tell us about your exercise routine, does it actually exist?"

Another question he asked, was, "Why are you dressed like a magician?"

Kimmel added, "You have to apologize a lot."

Kimmel even said, "If you are an alcoholic, and listen, if you're drinking enough that you can try crack in your forties and you don't remember it, maybe that's something you might want to think about talking to somebody about."

Kimmel also compared Ford to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, holding up a photo of Garcetti holding a smiling baby, saying, "Here's Eric Garcetti holding a baby." Then Kimmel held up a photo of Rob Ford holding a squirming, crying baby, and said, "Here's Rob Ford holding a baby."

Kimmel played a selection of Ford's most infamous videos, like the one where the Mayor mocks a council member.

"Were you clasically trained in pantomime or was that off the cuff?" asked Kimmel.

Ford, up for reelection this year, seemed to laugh it all off.

"I'm just a normal, average, hard-working politician," Ford said.

But he was quoted later as saying he was "set up." His brother says the Mayor is a little upset.