Johnny Weir Had Domestic Troubles Before Olympics

Commentator Johnny Weir is patching things up with his husband over domestic troubles he faced before the Olympics. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

INSIDE EDITION is now learning that skater Johnny Weir, who charmed the world alongside fellow Olympics commentator Tara Lipinski, was facing a family crisis while he was in Russia.

Weir's husband, lawyer Victor Voronov, had filed domestic abuse charges, telling police that Weir bit him during a fight they had about a month before the Olympics.  

Weir and his husband live in an apartment building in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, and are apparently trying to patch things up.  

They appeared together in court and a judge granted a request to throw out the domestic abuse charges.     

Weir, who is known for his usually flamboyant fashion choices, looked relatively low key as he reviewed Oscar fashions with Tara Lipinski on the Today show on Monday from Los Angeles. Afterwards, he flew back to New Jersey and reconciled with his husband, tweeting: “It's so nice to be home, if only for a week. Amazing dinner with @vweirvoronov (Victor) thank you for a great time.”
Voronov is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and is of Russian descent. They were married on New Year’s Eve, 2011. His husband tweeted a photo of the couple out grocery shopping with the caption: “Life back to normal pace at least for today.”

Weir said on the matter, "It is a private matter I do not wish to discuss."