Beard Transplants Become Growing Trend

INSIDE EDITION reports on men going to extreme measures with cosmetic surgery to have a full beard.

At the Oscars, many of Hollywood’s hottest leading men were all sporting beards, goatee's, and that chic, “Honey, I misplaced my razor” look.

Now, facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein has given a man a beard transplant. Dr. Epstein told INSIDE EDITION, “It’s that look of having that three-to-five day look. It’s a very masculine look and a lot of guys are looking for that.”

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But 27-year-old businessman José Armas can't grow a full beard. He is going to have a beard transplant. The procedure involves harvesting hairs from the back of the head.

Armas asked Dr. Epstein, “Does it hurt?”

He said, “No, it really doesn’t.”

Armas walked into the operating room and laid face down. After anesthesia, Dr. Epstein used a special instrument to painstakingly, pluck out one hair graft at a time.

Dr. Epstein said, "They pop out, just like that. It is very easy."

Two hours later, Armas’ head looks like a pin cushion. Using a precision blade, Dr. Epstein poked into his skin to create individual receptor sites.

Then, one at a time, he and his assistant carefully implant all 750 grafts, filling in those bothersome bare patches with new beard hair that will grow and be permanent.

After four hours, Armas is cleaned up. Now, he can let his beard grow out like that famous bearded clan on Duck Dynasty or keep it neatly trimmed like Leonardo DiCaprio, all thanks to his beard transplant.