Does Michael Jackson Have Another Son? Was the DNA Test Doctored?

INSIDE EDITION reports on claims that Michael Jackson has another son, but is the DNA test a fake? 

It seemed like a Michael Jackson bombshell.

A 31-year-old singer named Brandon Howard revealed to be the late King of Pop’s secret son. He even sounded like him!

A photo shows a DNA sample being taken from Brandon Howard by the website The results were revealed at a news conference that streamed live online Thursday. It was reported, “The probability of parenting is 99.9%.”

The shocking announcement made international headlines.

The New York Daily News asked, "The kid is whose son?"

"Michael Jackson 'Fathered Lovechild as DNA Test Proves He Has a Secret Son," wrote the London Daily Mirror.

There's just one problem. The DNA test may be completely bogus. 

TMZ obtained a copy of what it says is the DNA report. But according to TMZ, the logo “DNA Lab” is identical to the logo from the 2009 Terminator Salvation, starring Christian Bale.

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the guy who announced the DNA results. Dr. Joseph Goodman is a dentist from Beverly Hills whose patients include Let’s Make a Deal host, Wayne Brady and CNN’s Piers Morgan.

In an exclusive interview, Goodman told INSIDE EDITION, “I have nothing to gain whether Michael Jackson has a real son or not. There is always going to be doubt. But again, the DNA seems to match. It is a match.”

Businessman Alki David who owns, which live-streamed the news conference, denied TMZ’s report but refused to give INSIDE EDITION the actual DNA document.

Now, the singer who is supposedly Michael Jackson’s secret son is distancing himself from the controversy in a video he just posted online. He said, “It is true, I did a DNA test, but it didn’t have to do with any of this. I swear on my life.”