Real Estate Sexcapades

A real estate agent was hired to sell a property. However, what the homeowner captured him doing on camera with a colleague was shocking. As it turns out, the agent was using the house as a personal love shack. INSIDE EDITION has this exclusive report.

When Richard Weiner wanted to sell his New Jersey home, he turned to veteran Coldwell Banker real estate agent Robert Lindsay.  Weiner was impressed with Lindsay’s credentials saying, “He seemed as if he was the best realtor we ever met! He was very personable, he was very knowledgeable.”

After Weiner’s house was put on the market, he and his wife moved out.  They installed a string of anti-burglar surveillance cameras around the house so they could monitor areas like the bedroom and the front door while the house was still on the market.   

The homeowner had the shock of his life when instead of catching a thief he found his 58-year-old real estate agent, in the company of a mystery blonde.

 “These people were using your home as their personal love shack?” INSIDE EDITION’S Paul Boyd asked Weiner.

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Weiner responded, “They were using our home as a cheap motel.”

The scandal came to the surface one evening when Weiner's wife checked on the surveillance cameras from her home computer.        

“My wife ran up to where I was and she's like, the house is being broken into,” Weiner said.

Thinking it was a burglar, they called 911. The surveillance camera shows the moment when a Wayne, New Jersey police officer arrived to check out the call.  Robert Lindsay was there, buttoning up his clothes. Lindsay quickly told the police that he was the realtor, not a burglar, and that he had permission to be there.

Boyd asked, “Did the realtor’s story about why he was there make any sense to you?”

 “No, not at all. His story was he was coming in the house, he had to get a brochure that my wife, who created the brochure emailed him two weeks before,”  Weiner said.  “It made no sense.”

Weiner then decided to review all the recordings that occurred over a six-week period.  

He says he was amazed to find that on 13 separate  occasions, the agent had brief encounters with an attractive blond at all times during the course of the day -- mornings, afternoons, and evening.   

On one occasion, they share passionate kisses by the front door. On another day there were more hugs and kisses, and yet another day they can be seen making the bed after their romp, so as not to leave any evidence of hanky-panky.

As Boyd and Weiner watched the video, Boyd said, “You can see the agent literally pulling down his shirt and putting up his pants.  He just had sex in your bed.”

“In our bed and not selling the house.  This is what they were doing,” said Weiner.

On two occasions, it appears the couple actually saw the cameras, but it didn't seem to have put the brakes on their affair.

Boyd said, “The expression on their faces is priceless, it looks like they know they've been caught, they see the camera?”

“The camera was right out in the open, they got caught and five minutes later they are down in the kitchen making out as if nothing happened,” Weiner responded.  “They kept on coming back to the house for more and more and more.  It is unbelievable that this happened to anybody.”

Boyd asked, “You can only assume they didn't think this was actually recording, why else would they keep coming back?”

“Arrogance - they didn't care,” Weiner said.

What's also troubling Weiner is his belief that Lindsay may have intentionally overpriced the house at $525,000 to keep it from being sold, all for the purpose of keeping it as a love shack while he carried on the affair.

Lindsay has denied that and didn’t want to talk when Boyd caught up with him,  “We wanted to ask you a couple of questions about the home you were hired to sell.”

“Yeah, I have no comment, no comment.  Thank you,” Lindsay responded.

Boyd then asked, “You have nothing to say about the family that trusted you with their home?”

At that point, Lindsay got in his car and shut the door.

As for the identity the woman who was with Lindsay in Weiner’s home?  Her name is Jeannemarie Phelan.  She's 46, and, like Lindsay, she was a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker and she is also married.

Rich Weiner filed a lawsuit against Coldwell Banker and the two agents.  Now, the agents are countersuing, saying Weiner threatened to release the footage of the two agents and expose their relationship unless they paid up.

 “The agents say you tried to extort them for a million dollars,” Boyd asked Weiner.

 “No truth to that whatsoever,” Weiner explained. “What we asked them was for a meeting, not a single cent.”

Weiner, who is an accountant, says the experience has been one giant headache. “This isn't something that you ever expect to happen in your wildest dreams.”

Jeannemarie Phelan says she was invited into the home and thought she had permission to be there. Meanwhile Coldwell Banker told us they hold their agents to the highest ethical standards, adding they stopped working with those agents who were caught on camera.  

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, Coldwell Banker said: “Immediately after learning of the allegation of improper behavior at the property by two independent contractors in January 2012, we ceased our affiliation with the agents. These agents have not listed or sold properties on our behalf since the allegation of misconduct at the home was first reported. The alleged misconduct at the home does not in any way represent how we conduct business as a company, and certainly is not reflective of the quality, commitment and integrity of our management or the more than 3,200 sales professionals affiliated with our company.  We hold affiliated agents to the highest ethical standards.” – Hal Maxwell, president Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage New Jersey.