Hockey Player Collapses During Game From Heart Condition

Professional hockey player Rich Peverley, with a known heart condition, collapsed during a game and had to be revived with a defibrilator. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A scary drama unfolded live on TV as a hockey star with a heart condition collapsed during a game. Teammates were shouting as the stricken hockey star is carried by his arms and legs down the tunnel.

Thirty-one-year-old Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars had just played a few minutes and was resting on the bench when he collapsed. He had to be revived with a defibrillator and chest compressions and rushed to the hospital.

"It is pandemonium and panic over there," said the TV commentator.

Raw emotion was etched on the faces of his teammates. Some prayed and others were close to tears. The arena went hush and fans looked stricken.

Peverley has a history of heart problems. He underwent surgery last September to correct an irregular heartbeat. He sat out a game only last week because of his condition.

Cardiologist Dr. Steven Reisman told INSIDE EDITION, "There can be warning signs with palpitations, irregular heartbeat. Patients can feel something coming on, but sometimes it can just be sudden collapse, and actually sudden death."

Dallas coach Lindy Ruff said Peverley could have died, telling reporters at a press conference, "If it wasn't for our doctors acting so quickly and so efficiently, we could be standing here with a different story."