Funding Fans Turn Up For Veronica Mars Premiere In New York

Setting a record for the most expensive film ever funded by fans, Veronica Mars premiered to excited donors in New York. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars and the fans.

They're devoted fans of the TV show Veronica Mars—which has now been turned into a movie.

At the New York premiere, star Kristen Bell told INSIDE EDITION, "Our fans are amazing and they did it all."

Watch the Cast of Veronica Mars Gush Over Their Fans!

It's true. The movie is making Hollywood history as the most expensive film ever to be funded by fans.

Star Kristen Bell turned to, the website that solicits donations for music, stage shows, video games, and other creative projects.

No one had any idea how successful the campaign would be.

Bell told INSIDE EDITION, "I had no idea we would raise it all in 11 hours."

Their Kickstarter campaign is now the most successful ever. Bell was seeking  $2 million, and ended up with $5.7 million.

Nearly 6,000 people gave just a dollar, the lowest amount permitted. Eleven thousand people gave $25 each. For that donation they get a T-shirt and copy of the script. For $8,000, you got to name a character in the movie. One person  actually donated $10,000. He got a small speaking part in the movie.

Dozens of fans who kicked in money attended the premiere. One fan told INSIDE EDITION, "Veronica Mars was one of the best television shows that I watched in the last decade, and the fact that they were going to make a could I not contribute?"