Attention Shoppers: President Obama Shops At The Gap

President Obama made a surprise visit to a Gap store in New York City to shop for his wife and daughters. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

President Obama had a big surprise for shoppers at the Gap when he stopped in to pick up a few things for the three women in his life.

He said to an employee, “See, I’m worried the V-neck is going to slip.”

There were no risqué necklines for the Obama girls, 12-year-old Sasha scored a springtime pink button down sweater. Fifteen-year-old Malia got the same in coral red.

Like so many husbands, the president found buying for his wife a bit more trouble.

“Now, Michelle, I have no idea what to do,” he said.

He turned down one suggestion which was a hoodie. Apparently his stylish wife isn't a big sweatshirt fan. But something else caught his eye which was a training jacket.

After choosing the two cardigan sweaters for his daughters, which cost about $40, President Obama then picked a training jacket for Michelle. The jacket is light weight, very comfortable, and costs $64.95. She could use it to work out.

The staff at the Gap told INSIDE EDITION that since the president picked those items, they will be flying off the shelves.

President Obama shopped at a Gap store in New York City’s Times Square. He was in town for a fundraiser and said he chose the Gap because he likes the fact that the company is raising the minimum wage for new employees.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked manager Humberto Anaya, "What was that first reaction when he walked in the door? What were you thinking?"

Anaya said, "Honestly, taller than I expected."

See What Obama Bought at the Gap!

The manager shared cell phone photos with INSIDE EDITION, showing the president at the cash register. He spent $154.85 on his personal credit card.

And the president is getting high marks for his comic timing on his now famous Funny Or Die sketch with actor Zach Galifianakis.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with former Tonight Show host Jay Leno to get his review.

Leno said, "I saw that. It was very funny. He has a sharp wit. He can be very sarcastic, the president."

But of course, not everyone was impressed.

Bill O'Reilly said, "All I can tell you is that Abe Lincoln would have not done it."

Fox News said, "It is so cringe-worthy."