Missing Malaysia Airliner Eerily Echoes 'Lost'

Eerie similarities are surfacing between the missing Malaysian passenger plane and the TV show Lost, as the search continues without a trace. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The passengers on a crippled airliner brace for the worst. The jet crashes, but against all odds, some of the people aboard survive and stagger out of the wreckage. They're alive, but to the rest of the world, they have disappeared off the face of the earth. This, of course, is the way the classic TV series Lost began.

Now, some are seeing eerie parallels between the fictional Lost and the all-too real tragedy of the missing jetliner the whole world is talking about.

"This Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery is sounding more and more like the TV show Lost," writes one internet blogger.

Says another: "Sorry to say but this reminds me of the TV series."

Grainy just-released surveillance video posted on YouTube shows the pilots of the missing plane passing through airport security right before the flight. Everything seemed routine. 

We're learning more about the missing plane's captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah. In a home video, he's shown in front of a home flight simulator he actually built himself. The captain is 53 and has worked for Malaysian Airlines for 33 years.  

But his co-pilot is coming under intense scrutiny after an attractive passenger revealed that he invited her and a friend to ride in the cockpit in 2011 and flirted with them. She's even seen in a photo wearing his co-pilot's cap.

On an Australian TV show, she said, "He even took my friend's hand and he was looking at her palm and he said, 'Oh, your hand's really creased. That means you're a very creative person.' And he commented on her nail polish and stuff like that."

The airline now says in a statement: "We are shocked by these allegations."

Water bottles were thrown at officials by devastated family members in China who are running out of patience with the stalled search.