Charges Filed In Fatal Butt Injection Procedure

A woman is being charged in the death of this 22-year-old student after administering illegal butt injections. INSIDE EDITION exposed the suspect in 2012 and reports on the latest details.

Prosecutors say a woman was hired to give a client a shapely butt like Kim Kardashian's or Beyoncé's. But the client, 22-year-old Tamara Blaine, ended up dead after getting a butt injection at a pay-by-the-hour hotel room in New York City.  

Tamira Mobley has been charged with manslaughter after prosecutors say she administered the lethal butt shot.

Police say the dead mother collapsed moments after being given the injection, supposedly made of silicone. Mobley reportedly fled the hotel room after summoning help.   

In 2012, INSIDE EDITION exposed the shady, underground world of people with no medical qualifications who claimed they could create shapely butts with silicone. We found the gooey liquid was sometimes filled with junk like Liquid Cement and Fix-A-Flat, which is sold for tire repairs.     

Police say Mobley gave injections herself. INSIDE EDITION discovered she also sold do-it-yourself butt injection kits through a website called

We bought a kit for $600. What were inside were band-aids, alcohol swabs, and giant syringes containing a gooey substance that was supposed to be medical grade silicone oil. A lab we hired to analyze the substance said it was actually an adhesive used in toothpaste and detergent and potentially toxic.

INSIDE EDITION actually warned Mobley that she risked killing somebody when we confronted her in 2012. Now, she faces criminal charges and she won't be able to walk away from that.