Real Estate Sexcapades Heat Up

INSIDE EDITION is receiving a huge reaction to our story about two real estate agents who were caught-on-camera engaged in hanky panky in a house one of them was supposed to be selling.  Today, there's more to this story as the wife of the amorous

Robert Lindsay is a New Jersey real estate agent who used a client's home as his personal love shack.

Thirteen times over a six week period, Lindsay used the house to carry on a torrid affair with an attractive blonde who worked at the same real estate office.  Both New Jersey agents are married, just not to each other.

Lindsay’s hanky-panky with his colleague, Jeannemarie Phelan, was caught by a string of anti-burglar surveillance cameras set up by the homeowner Richard Weiner.  Even after it appeared the amorous agents noticed the cameras on two occasions, they kept on getting together at Weiner’s home.

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INSIDE EDITION’S Paul Boyd looking at the video with Weiner said, “The expression on their faces is priceless, it looks like they know they've been caught, they see the camera.”

“The camera was right out in the open, they got caught and five minutes later they are down in the kitchen making out as if nothing happened,” Weiner responded.  “They kept on coming back to the house for more and more and more.  It is unbelievable that this happened to anybody,”

You may think getting caught red handed would have cooled things off, but they were caught again, only this time not by surveillance cameras.

The hot and heavy couple tried to keep their affair a secret, but somehow Robert Lindsay’s wife found out and confronted her husband's lover in the parking lot of a hotel.

According to a police report obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Robert Lindsay and his lover were parked when his wife, Bernardit Lindsay, suddenly appeared.

Jeannemarie claims Bernardit “ripped her out of the car, threw her down and proceeded to "kick, punch and pull her hair repeatedly."  She said the attack continued until Robert Lindsay pulled his enraged wife off.

Cops say the blonde lover told them she was injured and showed them scrapes on her right arm, a lump on her forehead and brusing on her ankle. The encounter didn't end there.  The scorned wife drove to Jeannemarie Phelan’s house and rang the bell.

"Your mother is (blanking) my husband," Bernardit allegedly shouted at Jeannemarie's daughter.

According to a second police report, the shocked daughter responded, "I don't know what's going on, please step back."

The police issued a warning to Bernardit not to come back or she'd be arrested for trespassing.

Homeowner Richard Weiner says he still can't believe that his home was turned into a love shack without his knowledge by the real estate agent who was trying to sell it.

“This isn't something that you never expect to happen in your wildest dreams,” said Weiner.