After Suing Parents For Tuition, Teen Returns Home

Rachel Canning, the teen who sued her parents for school tuition, has returned home. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

There's a stunning development in the case of the teenage girl who was suing mom and dad for tuition. She's come back home.

That's right—all is well between Rachel Canning and her parents, according to the parent's lawyer Angelo Sarno.

Sarno stated at a press conference, "On behalf of the Canning family, Rachel's back home. She returned last night. Everything went great."

The battle between Rachel and her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, got nationwide attention.

HLN host Nancy Grace was stunned by this case. Grace said, "I see no merit whatsoever to Rachel Canning's spoiled brat case!"

Many were even comparing the 18-year-old honor student to another spoiled brat in the spotlight—Justin Bieber.

Rachel's dad, a retired police chief, said as the courtroom battle began, "We're good parents. We have nothing to hide!"

Rachel claimed she was kicked out of their home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey when she turned 18—a charge her parents denied, claiming Rachel ran off because she wouldn't follow the house rules.

Now, it seems that the case of the spoiled brat has come to a happy ending.

Sarno said, "This was the right result and something that just got out of hand."