Details From Inside 15 Central Park West Revealed

Author Michael Gross reveals details to INSIDE EDITION of life among the A-listers who live at 15 Central Park West in New York, one of the most expensive addresses in the nation.

It's one of the most expensive apartment buildings in the world, drawing titans of industry and  celebrity A-listers.

Fifteen Central Park West in New York City has views that can't be beat and prices that are hard to believe. It is also the subject of a sensational new book by author Michael Gross called House of Outrageous Fortune.

One apartment is on the market for $65 million. A penthouse sold for $88 million dollars.

Celebrities living there include Sting and Denzel Washington. The two-time Oscar-winner actually lives in one of the "cheaper" apartments. He bought it for $13 million.  

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Author Michael Gross told INSIDE EDITION, "You have to keep this in context, an inexpensive apartment at 15 Central Park West goes for $13 million. That would be Denzel's."

The New York Yankees' embattled third baseman Alex Rodriguez rented an apartment in the building. Michael Gross says he's living up to his playboy image.

Gross said, "He had hookers coming in and out of the building all the time. And that's besides his girlfriends in serial procession: Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz. The best story was about the time that two hookers were coming down in the elevator as Cameron Diaz was going upstairs."

A-Rod's rep, Ron Berkowitz is denouncing the book, saying, "The allegations concerning prostitutes are 100 percent false."

Gross says A-Rod may be the least favorite resident in the building as far as the staff is concerned.

"He bossed people around. He wasn't friendly. He treated the staff like peons. The staffs in all of these buildings are trained and well-advised to be very discreet. With A-Rod, they could not wait to tell me stories," said Gross. 

He says that actor Kelsey Grammer was also caught in an embarrassing situation when his then-wife, Camille, called the front desk looking for him.

Gross said, "Now remember, this is the wife calling, and was told by whoever answered the phone, 'Oh, his wife is upstairs.' " 

Oops! A rare blunder by a staff that's trained to be discreet.

"At 15 Central Park West, the average employee takes home about $22,000 every Christmas. And by the way, that's cash," noted Gross.

Some neighbors of the swanky building believe special treatment is being given to people who live there. They say chauffeur-driven cars are allowed to park in fire lanes for hours without being ticketed—a perk not afforded other less connected residents of the neighborhood.

"What I was told, again, by an employee of 15 Central Park West, was that initially, people were parking there. The cops started ticketing them. And then to use his words, 'some important residents of the building greased the wheels and the ticketing stopped.'"

Just one of the perks of living in America's most fabulous apartment building.