Toddler Rescued From Carjacking

A high speed chase ended with a carjacker captured and a toddler returned safely to his mother. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A carjacker was on the loose in a red SUV with a baby in the back seat. At one point, he forced another car to stop, then climbed in. A passenger leapt out, ran for her life, and the fugitive took off over the grass and back onto the highway.

The drama happened on a snowy highway in Colorado. First, the suspect was at the wheel of the red SUV and there was a 4-year-old boy inside.

After more than an hour, they did a dramatic switch of cars to evade pursuing cops.

A short time later, there was a smash-up with another car. He leapt out to see what his options were, but he had none. He got back in and kept going.

Then, he got into a fender bender with yet another car. The other driver pulled over, thinking she was going to exchange insurance information with the guy, but he yanked the stunned woman from her seat, jumped in and took off again.

His luck ran out when he tried to run a red light at an intersection.

As cops moved in, the suspect fled on foot. But even he realized the situation was hopeless. When he came to a fence, he hit the deck. The chase was over at long last.

So, how is the youngster he took off with in the red SUV? He had an emotional reunion with his mom. He was still in his PJs, holding a cookie and a teddy bear. A happy ending to a mom's nightmare.