Lindsay Lohan's Alleged List Of Famous Sex Hook Ups

INSIDE EDITION looks into a report that Lindsay Lohan wrote a list of famous names she had hooked up with, but is it really her handwriting?

Is it Lindsay Lohan's list of celebrity conquests? There are 36 of them!

In Touch magazine claims to have obtained Lohan's "personal conquest list" after she allegedly wrote it all down and neglected to destroy it.

The 36 names include Justin Timberlake, James Franco, and the late Heath Ledger. Joaquin Phoenix and Zac Efron also made the list.

One sign it may be the real deal? Their names are misspelled!

There are Wilmer Valderrama, her former boyfriend, whose name is also misspelled, and some lesser known celebs, like actor Jamie Dornan, the star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey.

Lohan allegedly wrote out the list one night at the Beverly Hills Hotel during what's being described as a drunken kickback session with friends. She reportedly grabbed a sheet from the board game Scattergories and listed all the people she'd hooked up with over her life. Then, the magazine claims, she tossed it aside, never expecting someone would find it and it would be published for all the world to see.

"[Lindsay and her friends] were giggling and talking [bleep] about people in the industry," a source is quoted as saying. "She was trying to impress her friends with the list."

In Touch has blurred some names, but says it will release those next week.

Now, a rep for Lohan is calling the list a total fake, stating: "Of course it's inaccurate."

And her dad, Michael Lohan says it's not even her handwriting. 

INSIDE EDITION asked handwriting expert Beth Chrisman to compare the list to a known example of Lohan's handwriting, those nonsensical notes that she took during one of her DUI court appearances in 2010.

Chrisman said, "The characteristics in these samples that makes me believe this is Lindsay Lohan's writing is that we have here, all upper case block printing [on both writing samples] with the exception of a lower case "i" that's thrown in [on both writing samples]. And then we have a "G" that is squished in here. The way that it's formed, it almost looks like the number 6 with a little stem on it. And then we have it here [conquest list] as well. It almost looks like the number 6 instead of a "G."