Has Arthur Chu Changed 'Jeopardy!' Forever?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to 11-day Jeopardy! champion, Arthur Chu, whose victory has been marked by strong criticism.

Arthur Chu is the most controversial Jeopardy! champion ever. Chu's 11-day, $297,000 winning streak came to an end Wednesday night, but the hullabaloo isn't dying down.

He told INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd, “It's all just about trying to win the game.”

Thirty-year-old Chu infuriated Jeopardy! viewers by bouncing around the board instead of doing each category straight down.

He said, “If you have even the smallest chance to give an advantage over your opponents by picking something they are not expecting, my philosophy is, why not do it?”

His game-changing strategy resulted in repeatedly hitting many of those Daily Doubles.

“More often than not, the Daily Doubles are closer to the bottom of the board than at the top of the board,” he said.

Watch Chu Talk About His Strategies

He sometimes bet as low as five dollars. Chu may have changed forever the way contestants play Jeopardy!

He has also became a target of barbs on social media. Some calling him, "Smug,” "Arrogant,” "Rude," and "Anti-entertainment."  

The hostility doesn't phase him.

He said, “It's a game show! I get paid for winning the game. Not for boosting ratings or making the audience happy!”

Boyd took Chu to Grand Central station in New York where he set off strong reactions.

One woman said, "You are doing a great job! We think you are terrific!"

Another woman said, "You are causing a lot of consternation among a lot of people. I agree, that if you can make money, why not?"

But one lady gave him a piece of her mind when Boyd asked her, "What do you think of his strategy?"

She said, "I don't think it was fair to the other players."

Chu marked his departure from Jeopardy! with a big entrance on Live! with Kelly & Michael.

When he came over to INSIDE EDITION, we asked the freelance voice over artist to show off his talents in our studio by recording the line,  “The Jeopardy! champion who may have changed the game forever! Is he a villain or a hero?”