Zebras Shot Dead In Cold Blood

Two zebras were shot dead on a family farm for no reason and the owners are outraged. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Cristen Sherrod is talking to INSIDE EDITION about a terrible thing that happened on her family farm in Alabama, where zebras happily roam on 20 acres.

Two zebras no longer roam the grounds because they were shot dead for no reason.

She said, "My heart was just completely broken. Somebody out there is really sick!"

A larger zebra was named Zippy and a smaller one was her daughter, Zena, were inseparable on Sherrod Farms, according to Cristen.

But the idyllic setting was shattered on a recent morning during feeding time, when Zippy and Zena were found dead on the ground, executed. An autopsy showed Zippy had been shot through the hip, Zena through the neck. They both apparently bled to death.

Home video of the zebras, taken before the tragedy, show they had no fear of people.

Cristen said, "They were very innocent. I'm certain that when they were shot, they were walking up to whoever shot them."

The family has established a Facebook page in Zippy and Zena's memory, and it is filled with outraged comments.

One person wrote, "Such a horrible and senseless act."

Another wrote, "How can someone be so evil as to kill someone's beloved pets?"

Cristen said, "To come onto somebody's property, shoot their pets, because it was, leave them for dead, I'll never understand that."

Local authorities are looking into the shooting deaths of two cows in the same area to see if there is a possible connection.