Passengers Post Airplane Evacuation On Social Media

Passengers recorded a terrifying airplane evacuation and posted it on social media. INSIDE EDITION has more on the ordeal.

A young woman may have posted the most dramatic selfie ever. Hannah Udren was one of 149 travelers who made an emergency evacuation from a stricken US Airways jet.

Terrified as she was, she still had the presence of mind to do what many people do these days and pulled out her cell phone and recorded a selfie.

Another passenger also shot video as the passengers fled the jet. People could be seen sliding down the inflatable chute, and climbing out the emergency exit over the wing.

The plane's nose wheel collapsed as it was taking off from Philadelphia International Airport, bound for Fort Lauderdale.

Debbie and Larry Grant were among those who got out through that door over the wing.

Debbie told INSIDE EDITION, “There were screams everywhere! We smelled the smoke inside and we were concerned about a fire. We really ran into the field just to get away from the plane because there was smoke billowing out of the tail."

Incredibly, just one passenger was injured, and only slightly.

While the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet goes on, at least this group of passengers lived to tell their tale.