Reports Surface That Flight 370 Was Intentionally Flown To Andaman Islands

The mystery of Flight 370 continues as a report surfaces that the plane was intentionally flown to a remote chain of islands. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Was missing Flight 370 heading for a remote island in the Indian Ocean?

CNN reported, "Reuters is reporting the plane was intentionally flown toward the Andaman Islands."

The Andaman Islands are a little-known chain of islands 850 miles from Malaysia with one small airport run by the Indian military. In an extraordinary coincidence, a strong 5.5 earthquake struck the islands today.

A shocking new report says investigators now believe the vanished plane was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course in the direction of the Andamans and there are growing suspicions that foul play was involved.  

The plane's pilot, who was photographed in front of a homemade flight simulator, is now coming under increased scrutiny. He had his own YouTube channel, providing do-it-yourself tips for home repairs.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to former CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot, who's a pilot himself.

Arnot said, "I really believe that this is going to be so far beyond the human imagination, that people are just going to be startled when they finally hear the answer."

Did the pilot go crazy? It's happened before.  

Remember the scary incident onboard a JetBlue flight in 2012 when the captain freaked out and had to be restrained by passengers.

Another pilot enraged by the Internal Revenue Service committed suicide by crashing his small plane into IRS offices in Austin, Texas, in 2010.  

Arnot said, "Why would you go turn off all communications and take the airplane into a million square miles of the Indian Ocean so it was completely untraceable? The number one reason to do that would be to spare your family the shame and disgrace of suicide."

There are plenty of doubters about whether the pilot or the co-pilot, who allegedly broke all rules of security when he invited two attractive women to ride in the cockpit  in 2011, could be responsible for the plane's disappearance.

The search for Flight 370 now encompasses a vast area that extends as far as India and the border of Pakistan, a hotbed of international terrorism.

But we may be getting closer to solving the mystery of Flight 370.