Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories Span Wide Range

From hijacking to alien abduction, conspiracy theories are running rampant in the mystery of missing Malaysian Flight 370. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The mystery surrounding the fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is fueling bizarre conspiracy theories.

Lisa Miller of New York Magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "This is like an incredible mystery. It's a big jetliner that's completely vanished off of the face of the Earth."

See What Else Miller Has To Say About These Conspiracies.

One theory blames North Korea, claiming the plane wandered into the path of a North Korean missile test and was shot down.

Another blames Iran, suggesting the plane was hijacked and taken to the island of East Timor to kidnap U.S. computer engineers on board.

Reports that passenger cell phones are still ringing have given rise to claims that the passengers made it to some remote island and are still alive, just like in the hit TV series Lost.   

Miller said, "I think there are plausible scenarios, and then less plausible scenarios. And the fact is that we don't actually know what happened."

Conspiracy theories are popping up all over YouTube where one guy claims the plane may have been brought down by a secret weapon using sound waves. In his video he says, "I'm thinking an EMP pulse weapon. Is that too far out there? We know we've seen these large cruise ships over the past few years get stranded at sea, no power at all. Just dead in the water."

And this may be the wildest conspiracy theory out there of one YouTube video of a man saying, "A mystery in midair. Malaysian Flight 320 continues. Some believe aliens or UFOs may have abucted the ailing Malaysian flight with passengers held against their will."