Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles During Live TV Broadcasts

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles on Monday morning and it was captured on live TV. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

An earthquake hit Los Angeles and it happened on live TV. News anchors at KTLA ducked under their desk as it happened

The magnitude 4.4 quake struck southern California at 6:25 a.m. on Monday shaking the entire set at KCBS in Los Angeles.

KCBS anchorwoman Sandra Mitchell said on-air, "Big earthquake right now!"

Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "I knew it was a big earthquake immediately. It was a strong jolt."

Her co-anchor, Rick Garcia, said, "If I saw something that looked like it was going to come down, I would get under the desk. At that moment though, there are probably people watching and they probably want piece of mind. I thought if I tried to stay calm, I would be doing them some good at that moment."

The epicenter was in Westwood, a Los Angeles neighborhood and home to the UCLA campus.

The quake interrupted the St. Patrick's Day celebrations which were already underway at Brennan's Irish Pub.

One girl at the pub told INSIDE EDITION, "I never felt an earthquake like that! It was scary!"

Another said, "The building was shaking!"

This is L.A., so the first thing some celebrities did was tweet about it.

Kim Kardashian wrote: “Earthquake was scary! Were all ok though! Anyone else feel it?”

Nicki Minaj tweeted: “That was the scariest earthquake this lil New York girl ever experienced in Cali. Unbelievable.”

It has turned out to be one very memorable, and shaky, St. Patrick's Day!