Trust Fund Hoarder Gets Evicted

INSIDE EDITION was with Kevin McCrary as he was evicted from his New York City apartment after decades of hoarding.

Kevin McCrary is the son of wealthy television pioneers who, in adulthood, became a hoarder. People in his apartment building call him a nightmare neighbor.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked building manager Jeff Weber, "How bad has it gotten in the last couple years?"

Weber said, "You couldn't walk into this room. It was up the ceiling. There were 11 cats, and the ordor was just horrendous."

Now, he was has finally been evicted. Monday was deadline for Kevin to leave and he made it with just minutes to spare.

Watch McCrary Race the Clock as He Clears Out His Apartment

Movers took the remaining 30 years worth of junk from a hoarders apartment and got it downstairs as quickly as possible.

The apartment manager had offered Kevin $12,000 if he got out of the building by Monday’s deadline.

Weber said, "It is great to see that it is once again an apartment and not a storage bin."

With his last items out of the apartment, he got the $12,000 check. He is weighing his options and has no idea where he'll sleep tonight.

His parents were TV pioneers Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenberg, who are credited with creating the TV talk show format. His godmother was TV’s original Peter Pan—Mary Martin.    

His apartment on the swanky Upper East Side of Manhattan was disgusting mess. It was so junk-filled he couldn’t open the door and had to get inside by climbing the fire escape. He was also featured on the TV show Hoarders in 2011.

Now, his neighbors are finally free of him and a man from a privileged background and wealth finds himself homeless and alone

Kevin said, “I tried the best I could."