Gary Coleman Friend Says Shannon Price was "Toxic"

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to one of Gary Coleman's closest friends, who has strong words to say about Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price.

"The last time I talked to Gary it was just living hell for him."  Gary Coleman's longtime friend is speaking out, and he isn't mincing words about the actor's ex-wife Shannon Price.  

"He was so afraid of her cause she kept him so isolated.  I don't know what planet she's from but it really made it tough for him."

Ken Emmons has been Gary Coleman's close friend and advisor since 1999.  He says he saw a big change in the Diff'rent Strokes star immediately after he married Shannon.

"Early on in the relationship, you know, what he told me is, 'I don't know what I've gotten myself into here but it's not good.'  Here's a good guy, this guy had a heart the size of Texas, an amazing guy, and you had this person who was trying to ride on his train for publicity and to get in front of the camera and you know, it was tough for him."

Emmons was enraged that Price allegedly sold those shocking photos of Coleman on his death bed, something she denies.   

"It's not rocket science to know that her heart was not in the right place.  What do you say about somebody who would do that, who would take somebody that they supposedly care about and take a picture of them on their death bed and then sell it to a tabloid. I mean, that's infuriating, and to do something like that is about as low class as it gets."

Coleman's body is expected to be cremated Wednesday at a funeral home in Utah in accordance with his wishes.

Gary Coleman's body has been at this funeral home for more than two weeks, and according to this latest will filed with the court, the actor made it very clear he wanted to be cremated, no funeral, and no memorial service.  

INSIDE EDITION has learned that Shannon is not planning to be on hand for the cremation, but Coleman's former manager and ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray will reportedly be there before the cremation to pay her final respects.

Anna is battling Shannon for control over Coleman's estate.  She claims she has a 2005 will which names her as the sole beneficiary.

"She loves him to this day and took amazing care of him, you know, in life and will do the same in death," Emmons said.