Finding Humor In L.A.'s Latest Earthquake

After a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California, comedians and members of social media are finding the humor in the situation. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Chris Schauble is the anchorman who dove under his desk when an earthquake hit Los Angeles on live TV.

More than six million people have viewed the KTLA anchorman’s spontaneous reaction to the quake before he dove under the desk with co-anchor Megan Henderson.

He's got a sense of humor about it. He even made the image of his reaction his screen saver, tweeting: "Megan Henderson played it cool. Not me!"

Jimmy Kimmel joked on his show, "Little-known fact, the Richter scale measures the number of local anchors who dive under the desk!"

Laugh all you want, but experts say the anchors did the right thing by diving under the desk.

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones told INSIDE EDITION, "If you are inside during an earthquake, do what those anchors did—drop, cover, hold on. First, drop to the ground before the earthquake throws you to the ground. If you have got something nearby where you can cover yourself, get under a sturdy table. Hold on to keep it over you." 

The magnitude 4.4 quake that struck Southern California early Monday didn't do much damage, so, they had some fun on the Today show set with a mock earthquake drill.

Earthquake humor is all over the internet.

On Vine, a woman joked, "Oh my God! It's an earthquake! I need to tweet about it! I need to tweet about it!"

Kimmel had another hilarious joke that somehow combined the earthquake and St. Patrick's Day, as guest Uma Thurman huddled under a table in the dressing room.

Kimmel asked her, “Why are you under the table?"

She said, "I'm in survival mode."

Kimmel said, "The earthquake is over, it was about 12 hours ago."

She replied, "This is not about the earthquake, it's about him!"

After she said the joke, the cameras revealed a leprechaun dancing on top of the table she was under.