Were Flight 370 Passengers Murdered?

As the search continues into a second week, some are asking if the passengers on board Flight 370 were killed to keep them quiet. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Could the people onboard Flight 370 have been murdered to keep them quiet?

The disturbing theory is being raised because after authorities say the plane was diverted off course, there were no cell phone calls or texts—just silence.

One horrible possibility: whoever was piloting the plane committed an act of mass murder by intentionally cutting off all the oxygen in the passenger cabin.

Aviation lawyer Edward Booth has 40 years experience piloting planes. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Without supplemental oxygen, you would be rendered unconscious almost immediately at that altitude. Then you would die. Deprived of oxygen, brain death sets in and that would be the end of things."

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The search for the missing plane is now focused on an area the size of Texas off the coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean.

Joining the search is the largest group of citizen detectives in history. The website Tomnod.com says three million people around the world are looking for clues on satellite images.

One of the detectives is none other than singer Courtney Love, who posted a satellite photo on Twitter. She points in red to what could be an oil slick and a murky image that could be a plane underwater, with her initials C.L.

"I'm no expert, but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick. But what do I know?" she tweeted.

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul says the theory that the plane could have landed on the ground somewhere still can't be discounted. 

"The other possible theory, but more unlikely, is that it landed somewhere to hook up with potential terrorists to use it as a weapon, as a cruise missile in a future terrorist attack," said McCaul.

But other experts dismiss the idea. Former NBC aviation correspondent Robert Hager told the Today show, "I think nothing of it. I think that's just not a good theory at all. A 777, you can't land it someplace and hide it."

Meanwhile, the family of the plane's pilot, who some suspect of being involved in the disappearance, is coming to his defense in a YouTube tribute video.

Booth said, "This is a 400,000 pound object painted bright white that has disappeared off the face of the planet."