Toddler Saved From Three-Story Fall By Neighbors Moving A Mattress

A three-year-old toddler was saved from a three-story fall by a couple who happened to be walking by with a mattress. INSIDE EDITION talks to the lucky parents.

This lucky little toddler survived a terrifying fall from a third-story window, and he was saved by a couple who happened to be walking by carrying—of all things—a mattress.

The one-in-a-million rescue happened when Yuri Milligan climbed out  this window of his parent's apartment in Burbank, California. Three-year-old Yuri and his four-year-old sister dragged a heavy mattress over to their window and used it as a ramp. Yuri climbed up, opened the window, and then jumped out.

As fate would have it, Konrad and Jennifer Lightner were taking a mattress to a storage room when they saw Yuri about to fall. Quick-thinking Konrad placed the mattress directly below the window as his wife Jennifer called 911.

Konrad explained to INSIDE EDITION, "I threw the mattress (under the window) and got ready for him. When he was about to fall I tried to cushion his fall into the box spring."

Little Yuri, who is autistic, was unhurt, but so lucky to be alive. His still-stunned dad cradled him in his arms after the fall.

Today, Yuri and his mom were reunited with the Lightners. Yuri's mom said, "There's just nothing I could give them to repay for saving my little boy."

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