Newborn Gorilla Fighting For Life

The adorable gorilla that was born via C-Section last week is battling pneumonia and is fighting for her life. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The adorable baby gorilla born by C-section last week is now fighting for her life.

Andrew Stallard of the San Diego Zoo told INSIDE EDITION, "Coming from a difficult birth, there was some fluid in the lungs, a collapsed lung, some infection in there as well. Treating that is just so critical."

The seven-day-old gorilla is battling pneumonia. On the day she was born, she wore a cute little blue hat and was chewing on anything she could find. She was also wrapped in a blanket that made her feel as if she was being hugged by her mother.

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Stallard said, "Anytime you have a respiratory disease that can go south on you, you just have to monitor it. Treat it appropriately. Take it seriously."

As vets try to save the baby, mama gorilla Imani is making her first public appearance since giving birth. The 18-year-old is doing well. Imani was in labor for 12 hours before doctors decided on the C-section, a rare procedure for a gorilla birth.

Stallard said, "One of the things that we often have difficulty with, particularly with primates, is picking at wounds and incisions. She really hasn't done that at all."

Baby gorilla will need to be monitored 24-hours-a-day until the crisis passes.