Oh, Happy Day!

People around the world are getting into the happy spirit for International Happiness Day and INSIDE EDITION takes a look at how some are celebrating.

"Happy" is the word of the day because today is International Happiness Day, and everybody’s getting into the spirit of it!

In Times Square, Pharrell Williams’ hit song is on everyone's lips. People were happy because it's the first day of spring and what a welcome relief after that long, brutal winter we just lived through.

Watch People Sing, Dance and Tell Us Why They're So Happy!

On Good Morning America, the whole team got into the spirit of the day with their own "Happy" video.

When we say its International Happiness day, we mean international. YouTube videos from around the world show people in Paris, Vienna, Budapest, and Germany getting “Happy,” to the song. 

The cast of the off-Broadway show Beyond Therapy, which opens next Tuesday, stepped out to do their rendition of "Happy" just for INSIDE EDITION.

The students and faculty at Meadowbrook High School in Richmond, Virginia posted a "Happy” video they made to benefit a children's hospital.

Kids at Chicago’s Amundsen High School made a real splash with their rendition of the song too.

So come on and get happy, everybody! Spring is finally here!