Is It Possible To Make A Healthy Dessert?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Top Chef: Desserts contestant Zac Young to see if it's possible to make a healthy dessert that the first lady would approve.

Is it possible to whip up a healthy dessert that even Michelle Obama would approve of?

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander spoke with former Top Chef: Desserts contestant Zac Young who is now with David Burke Kitchen in NYC.

Alexander asked, “Is there such a thing as a healthy dessert?”

He said, "There are a lot of great options! Healthy desserts include fruit, sorbet, low-fat yogurt with honey drizzled over it.”

He showed us how to whip up an incredible looking swan dessert, which is fat free and packed with healthy ingredients like egg whites. Even the ice cream he uses is healthy. It is a blood orange sorbet.

See How Young Whipped Up This Delicious Treat!

He said, “The sorbet is fat free and we don't add sugar, we just rely on the natural sweetness of the blood orange juice.”

Some strawberries and a little syrup finish it off.

Alexander asked, “What's in that syrup?”

“Passion fruit, honey, orange juice, and ginger,” he said.

Another great dessert tip is to have a kid-size portion or split it with a friend.

Chef Young says every once in a while, it's okay to indulge, “A dessert is supposed to be indulgent. What makes you feel better when you're down than eating a great piece of chocolate layer cake in bed?"