Exclusive: L'Wren Scott's Sister Says L'Wren Wanted A Family

INSIDE EDITION speaks with L'Wren Scott's sister about the fashion designer's shocking suicide and how the family feels about Mick Jagger's role in the tragedy.

She's L'Wren Scott's big sister. Jan Shane says her fashion designer sister only appeared to have it all. Deep down she wanted nothing more that to be a mom.

Jan and L'Wren, then known as LuAnn Bambrough, grew up in rural Utah with their brother Randy. All three kids were adopted by their devout Mormon parents. They had a happy childhood, but L'Wren was always dreaming of bigger things, Jan said. At 18 she moved to Paris, changed her name to the more exotic L'Wren Scott, and became a fashion model.

"She knew what she wanted. She went there and she accomplished it," said Jan.

Jan stayed behind in Utah, married and raised eight children. She lives into a modest bungalow. Meanwhile, L'Wren became girlfriend to rock legend Mick Jagger and lived an international jetset lifestyle.

But as it turned out, L'Wren's glamourous life was not all it seemed.

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Jan told INSIDE EDITION, "She looked at me and told me that she envied my life. At that moment, I couldn't understand why, because in my eyes, she had everything. She was on top of the world, in my eyes. But she looked at me she said, 'You have a family.' "

Jan says L'Wren seemed happy with Mick Jagger. He bought her a $7 million diamond ring which she wore as an engagement ring. He also reportedly paid for her $6 million apartment in Manhattan.

"Our family does not blame Mick," stated Jan. "He loved her deeply. She loved him."

The latest information out today is that Jagger's Rolling Stones bandmates were not fans of L'Wren. She was reportedly banned from the latest Rolling Stones tour in Australia. They even referred to her as the Stones' "Yoko Ono," comparing her to the widow of John Lennon who had been blamed for breaking up The Beatles.

Meanwhile, funeral arrangements for L'Wren are now being planned. There's talk of burying her in Utah, far away from her fast-paced life in New York.

Jan remarked, "I would love to see L'Wren brought home and be buried next to mom and dad. She's family and that's where I believe she belongs."